Publications of the Project

All papers published through the project DFNI 02/20


Balabanov T., Zankinski I., Shumanov B., Slot Machine RTP Optimization and Symbols Wins Equalization with Discrete Differential Evolution.

Ivan Kutiev, Pencho Marinov, Anna Belehaki. Real time reconstruction of 3-D electron density distribution over Europe with TaD profiler

J. M. Sellier and I. T. Dimov. A sensitivity study of the Wigner Monte Carlo method, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Volume 277, 2015, pp. 87- 93, doi:10.1016/, ISSN: 0377-0427, IF: 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.672.

J. M. Sellier and I. T. Dimov. On the simulation of indistinguishable fermions in the many-body Wigner formalism, Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 280, 2015, pp. 287–294, Five-Year Impact Factor: 3.184, Impact Factor (2013): 2.138, SJR indicator (2012): 1.921.

Fidanova S., Pop P., An Ant Algorithm for the Partitioned Graph Coloring Problem, Numerical Methods and Applications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8962, Springer, Germany, ISSN 0302-9743, 2015, 78 – 84.

Roeva O., Fidanova S., Paprzycki M., InterCriteria Analysis of ACO and GA Hybrid Algorithms, Recent Advances in Computational Optimization, Results of the Workshop on Computational Optimization WCO 2014, S. Fidanova (editor), Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer, (accepted).

Tz. Ostromsky, Ivan Dimov, Vassil Alexandrov, Zahari Zlatev. Preparing Input Data for Sensitivity Analysis of an Air Pollution Model by using High-Performance Supercomputers and Algorithms, CAMWA, Elsevier (submitted).

Conferences- still to come

Balabanov T., Zankinski I., Barova М., Distributed Evolutionary Computing Migration Strategy by Incident Node Participation.