Our Team

Meet our project team. Click on their portfolios to learn more about them from their personal pages.

Prof. Ivan Dimov, D.Sc.

Head of the Department of Parallel Algorithms, Project Leader

Assoc. Prof. Stefka Fidanova

Optimization problems, metaheuristics, ants algorithms

Acad. Blagovest Sendov

Approximation Theory, Computational Geometry

Assoc. Prof. Pencho Marinov

Approximation Theory, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Assoc. Prof. Tzvetan Ostromsky

Numerical treatment of large-scale air pollution models.

Assoc. Prof. Mihail Nedjalkov

Numerical methods, Wigner function, Semiconductors

Assoc. Prof. Jean Michel Sellier

Quantum Physics, Wigner Monte Carlo

Dr. Rayna Georgieva

Monte Carlo, Computations, Parallel Algorithms

Dr. Nina Dobrinkova

Fire Simulation and Modeling, Computer Simulation

Kristina Kapanova

Neural Networks, Data Mining, Data Analysis

Venelin Todorov

Monte Carlo, Parallel Algorithms

Todor Balabanov

Genetic Algorithms.

Prof. Lubin Valkov

Leader from Ruse University

Radoslav Valkov

Russe University

Assoc. Prof Miglena Koleva

Russe University

Walter Mutzimbabwe

PhD Student

Ognyana Kruchmarova

Technical Assistant

Dr.h.c. Siegfried Selberherr

Vienna University of Technology

Prof. dr. Matthias Ehrhardt

University of Wuppertal

Prof. Sylvain Maire

Université du Sud Toulon-Var, France