SuperCA is aimed at Information and Communication Technologies driven contributions to science, technology, health, environmental protection, etc., that is to the Society of Knowledge.

The project is fully relevant to the national research and development priorities, as well as, to the priorities of the ongoing 7th FP of EC. The success of SuperCA will substantially contribute to the establishment in Sofia of a Regional Centre for Supercomputer Applications.

The recently installed supercomputer IBM Blue Gene/P, a big national research infrastructure investment, is behind the proposed Centre of Excellence. This is not only a privilege but also a serious responsibility for the project consortium.

SuperCA has a strongly expressed interdisciplinary motivation. The project consortium is built up to solve the addressed problems. The balanced blending of internationally recognised excellent scientists from three leading Bulgarian universities and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as Ph.D. students and young researchers, strictly follows the rules of the National Science Fund and the EC polices for strengthening the European Research Area. The collaboration with leading researchers from Europe and US will contribute to the success of the project.

The complex R&D achievements of the Basic Organisation, the IPP-BAS, are highly evaluated by the European Commission within the frame of BIS-21 "Centre of Excellence” Grant.

Advanced applications with clearly defined socio-economic impact will be developed:

a) Architectures of PetaFlops supercomputers;
b) microstructure simulation of heterogeneous media;
c) sensitivity analysis of environmental models;
d) Computational fluid dynamics;
e) Simulation of biology molecules and systems;
f) Quantum simulations;
g) In silico drug design.

The project will generate a critical mass of young researchers capable for a real technology break-through based on state-of-the-art supercomputer simulations.