Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Eight International Conference on
Numerical Methods and Applications

August 20 – 24, 2014, Borovets, Bulgaria




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Invited speakers                                                     

Acad. Blagovest Sendov,

Honorary lecturer,

       Institute of Information and Communication Technologies,

       Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Field of research: Approximation Theory,Computer Science,Mathematical Modeling in Biology, Computational Geometry, Education, 7 monographs and over 30 textbooks.

 Prof. Vidar Thomée,

Foreign Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,

       Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of

      Technology (Göteborg, Sweden)

Field of research: Numerical methods for partial differential equations; Computational mathematics

His research on Galerkin finite element method for parabolic problems has fundamentally influence the filed and his book on this subject has played a profound role in educating a whole generation of numerical analysts.


Prof. Peter Minev,

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences,

University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)

Field of research: Fictitious domain methods for fluid-structure interaction problems; Splitting methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations; Numerical methods for MHD; Scientific computing/supercomputing

Field of research: Complexity Theory of Numerical Analysis; Monte Carlo Methods and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods; Quantum Computation

University of Technology (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)                    

Field of research: Numerical linear algebra, indefinite systems; Model order reduction, reduced-order modeling; Scientific Computing; Discretisation techniques, boundary element method; Singularly perturbed problems, exponential fitting, uniform methods; Solution of nonlinear systems, nonlinear variable transformations; Numerical methods for the simulation of semiconductor devices and electronic circuits; Industrial mathematics via LIME: Laboratory for Industrial Mathematics Eindhoven

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