Plenary and Invited Papers

O. Axelsson:
Globally Convergent Continuation Methods for Non-Linear Equations {3}

W. Dahmen, S. Müller, Th. Schlinkmann:
Multigrid and Multiscale Decompositions {18}

M. Griebel:
Adaptive Sparse Grid Multilevel Methods for Elliptic PDEs Based on Finite Differences {42}

E. Haug, T. Rusten, P. S. Vassilevski, R. Winther:
Domain Embedding and the Dirichlet Problem {66}

M. Jung, S.V. Nepomnyaschikh:
Multilevel Preconditioning Procedures for Elliptic Problems {78}

J. E. Pasciak, A. T. Vassilev:
Inexact Uzawa Algorithms for Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Saddle-Point Problems {91}

M. Schäfer:
Large-Scale Scientific Flow Computations {98}

P. N. Vabishchevich:
Solving Problems of Continuation of Unsteady Fields Based on Local Point Measurements {111}

Large-Scale Computation in Air Pollution Modeling

D. Atanassov, T. Todorov, T. Spassova:
Conjugation of Two Dispersion Models in the Case of Long-Time Air Pollution Integration {121}

G. Barone, P. D'Ambra, A. Riccio, D. di Serafino, G. Giunta:
Numerical Simulation of Air Pollution Phenomena in the Neapolitan Urban Area (Southern Italy): First Experiences {128}

J. Brandt, Z. Zlatev:
Studying Long-Range Transport from Accidental Nuclear Releases by Mathematical Models {136}

J. Brandt, Z. Zlatev:
Efficient Algorithms for the Chemical Part of Large Air Pollution Models {145}

I. Dimov, K. Georgiev, Z. Zlatev:
Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants and Source-Receptor Relation {155}

I. Dimov, Z. Zlatev:
Testing the Sensitivity of Air Pollution Levels to Variations of Some Chemical Rate Constants {167}

G. Kallos, S. Nickovic, D. Jovic, O. Kakaliagou, A. Papadopoulos, N. Missirlis, L. Boukas, N. Mimikou:
The ETA Model Operational Forecasting System and its Parallel Implementation {176}

Tz. Ostromsky, Z. Zlatev:
Application of Sparse Matrix Techniques in the Chemical Part of a Large Air Pollution Model {189}

High-Performance Methods for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems

I. A. Braianov, J. D. Kandilarov:
On the Realization and Stability of Difference Schemes for Diffusion Problems with Localized Reactions {201}

I. A. Braianov, L. G. Vulkov:
Finite Difference Schemes with Variable Weights for Parabolic Equations with Concentrated Capacity {210}

A. Georgiev, S. Margenov:
BSR BILU Preconditioning for 3D Simulation of Pile Foundation Systems in Nonlinear Media {219}

O. P. Iliev:
On Numerical Solution of 3D Elliptic Problems with Highly Varying Coefficients {229}

S. D. Margenov, P. S. Vassilevski:
Algebraic Two-Level Preconditioning of Non-Conforming FEM Systems {239}

High-Performance Methods for Convection Diffusion and Navier-Stokes Problems

C.I. Christov, R.S. Marinova:
Implicit Scheme for Navier-Stokes Equations in Primitive Variables via Vectorial Operator Splitting {251}

D. Drikakis, O. P. Iliev, D. P. Vassileva:
A Multigrid Algorithm for the Artificial Compressibility Formulation of the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations {260}

V. John:
On the Parallel Performance of Coupled Multigrid Methods for the Solution of Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations {269}

G. Starke:
Multilevel Computation for Streamline Diffusion Finite Element Discretizations of Convection-diffusion Problems {281}

Algorithms for Structured Sparse Matrices and Parallel Computing

I. Bar-On, M. Leoncini:
How Does One Solve a Tridiagonal System of Linear Equations? {293}

M. Georgieva, Vl. Lazarov, D. Petrov, Ph. Philipov, M. Ivanova, Z. Zlatev:
Generalized Model of a Massively Parallel Computer {301}

H. Hope, M. Paprzycki, S. Petrova:
Parallel Performance of a Direct Elliptic Solver {310}

I. Lirkov, S. Margenov, M. Paprzycki, R. Owens:
A Shared Memory Parallel Implementation of Block-Circulant Preconditioners {319}

E. Spedicato, Z. Li:
Restarted and Truncated Versions of ABS Methods for Large Linear Systems: a Basic Framework {328}

J. Stöckler:
Preconditioning of the Frame Algorithm {338}

P. Y. Yalamov, M. Paprzycki:
A New Stable Solver and Block Elimination for Bordered Systems {347}