Special Session
organized by
István Faragó, János Karátson, and Sergey Korotov
Roumen Anguelov (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
Structurally Stable Numerical Schemes for Applied Dynamical Models

Alexandre Ern (University Paris-Est, France), Annette Stephansen, and Martin Vohralik
Guaranteed and Robust Discontinuous Galerkin a Posteriori Error Estimates for Convection-Diffusion-reaction Problems

István Faragó (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary)
Discrete Maximum Principles and Their Applications

István Faragó, Agnes Havasi (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary), Ivan Dimov, and Tzvetan Ostromsky
Improved-Accuracy Splitting Schemes Enhanced by Richardson Extrapolation and Application in the Air Pollution Modeling

János Karátson (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary) and Sergey Korotov
Discrete Maximum Principles for Some Nonlinear Elliptic Systems

Sergey Korotov (Institute of Mathematics, Helsinki, Finland)
The Lngest-edge Bisection Algorithms for Finite Element Meshes

Tamas Kurics (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary)
A Damped Inexact Newton Method with Equivalent Preconditioning for the Subsonic Flow Problem

Tchavdar Marinov (SUNO, New Orleans, LA, USA) and Rossitza Marinova
Linear Spline Approximation of the Coefficient in Euler-Bernoulli Equation from Over-posed Data

Rossitza Marinova (Concordia University College of Alberta, Canada), Raymond Spiteri, and Eddy Essien
Fully Implicit Methods for 3D Incompressible Fluid Flows Based on Vectorial Operator Splitting Preserving Velocity-Pressure Coupling

Miklos Mincsovics (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary)
Discrete Maximum Principle for Finite Element Parabolic Operators

Ildiko Pieczka (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary), Judit Bartholy, Rita Pongracz, and Adrienn Hunyady
Climate Change Scenarios for Hungary Based on Numerical Simulations with a Dynamical Climate Model

Razvan Stefanescu (University of Medicine and Farmacy, Iasi, Romania), and Gabriel Dimitriu
Numerical Simulations of Reaction-Diffusion Systems Arising in Chemistry Using Exponential Integrators

Tamas Szabo (ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary)
On the Discretization Time-step in the Finite Element Theta-method of the Two-dimensional Discrete Heat Equation