Special Session
organized by
Francisco Luna 
and Stefka Fidanova 

Krassimir Atanassov (CLBME, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia) and Stefka Fidanova
Generalized Nets as Tools for Modelling of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms

Monica Nicoara, Ciprian Craciun (West University of Timisoara, Romania) and Daniela Zaharie,
Enhancing the Scalability of Metaheuristics by Cooperative Coevolution

Stefka Fidanova (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia), Enrique Alba and Guillermo Molina
Hybrid ACO Algorithm for the GPS Surveying Problem

Albert Corominas, Alberto Garcia-Villoria (Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain) and Rafael Pastor
A Parametric Multi-start Algorithm for Solving the Response Time Variability Problem

Francisco Luna, Juan J. Durillo (University of Malaga, Spain), Antonio J. Nebro and Enrique Alba
A Scatter Search Approach for Solving the Automatic Cell Planning Problem

Ioana Moisil (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania) and Alexandru Olteanu
Some Aspects Regarding the Application of the Ant Colony Optimiser Meta-heuristic to Scheduling Problems

Evdokia Nikolova (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA)
High-performance Heuristics for Optimization in Stochastic Traffic Engineering Problems

Dana Simian (University of Sibiu, Romania), Florin Stojca and Corina Simian (University of Sibiu, Romania)
Optimization of Complex SVM Kernel Using a Hybrid Algorithm Based on Wasp Behaviour