Special Session
organized by
   Adolf Ebel, Krassimir Georgiev and Zahari Zlatev

Ekaterina Batchvarova (NIMH, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia), Enrico Pisoni and Giovanna Finzi
Boundary-Layer Simulation Over Sofia Using The Regional Atmospheric Modeling System RAMS

Gabriele Candiani (University of Brescia, Italy), Claudio Carnevale, Enrico Pisoni and Marialuisa Volta
Assimilation of Chemical Ground Measurements in Air Quality Modeling

Hristo Chervenkov (NIMH, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia) and Hermann J. Jakobs
Dust Storm Simulation with Regional Air Quality Model - Problems and Results

Felix Deutsch (VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Mol, Belgium), Peter Viaene, Stijn Janssen, Joachim Maes, Liliane Janssen, Jean Vankerkom and Clemens Mensink
Extensive Validation of the BelEUROS Air Quality Model for Fine Particulate Matter Species

Gabriel Dimitriu (University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania), Narcisa Apreutesei and Razvan Stefanescu
Numerical Simulations with Data Assimilation Using an Adaptive POD Procedure

Nina Dobrinkova (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia)  Stefka Fidanova and Krasimir Atanasov
Game-Method Model for Filed Fires

Adolf Ebel (Rhenish Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Cologne, Germany), H. Elbern, Achim Strunk, E. Friese, L. Nieradzik and N. Goris
Four-dimensional Variational Assimilation of Atmospheric Chemical Data-Application to Regional Modelling of Air Quality

Kostadin Ganev, Dimiter Syrakov, Georgi Gadzhev (Geophysical Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia), Maria Prodanova , Georgi Jordanov , Nikolay Miloshev and Angelina Todorova
Joint Analysis of Regional Scale Transport and Transformation of Air Pollution from Road and Ship Transport

Krassimir Georgiev (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia) and Zahari Zlatev
Runs of UniDEM Model on IBM BlueGene/P Computer and Analysis of the Model Performance

Tzvetan Ostromsky (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia), Ivan Dimov and Zahari Zlatev,
Sensitivity Analysis of a Large-scale Air Pollution Model: Numerical Aspects and a Highly Parallel Implementation

Roberto San Jose (UPM Computer Science School, Boadilla del Monte, Spain), Juan L. Perez, J.L. Morante , F. Prietoe and Rosa M.Gonzalez
Advanced Results of the PM10 and PM2.5 Winter 2003 Episode by Using  MM5-CMAQ and WRF/CHEM Models

Angelina Todorova (Geophysical Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia), Georgi Gadzhev, Georgi Jordanov, Dimiter Syrakov, Kostadin Ganev, Nikolay Miloshev and Maria Prodanova
Numerical Study of Some High Pm10 Levels Episodes