Special Session
organized by
     Johannes Kraus, Maya Neytcheva and Svetozar Margenov

Andrea Aprovitola, Pasqua D'Ambra (ICAR-CNR, Napoli, Italy), Daniela di Serafino, Salvatore Filippone
On the Use of Aggregation-based Multilevel Preconditioners in the LES of Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows

Owe Axelsson (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Preconditioning Methods for Two-Level Large Scale Matrices

Petia Boyanova (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia) and Svetozar Margenov
Numerical Study of AMLI Methods for Weighted Graph-Laplacians

Zdenek Dostal (Technical University of Ostrava,Czech Republic), Tomas Kozubek and Vit Vondrak
A Scalable TFETI Based Algorithm for Contact Problems: Theory, Implementation, Numerical Experiments, and Real World

Cyril Flaig (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Peter Arbenz
A Memory Efficient Multigrid Preconditioner for Micro-Finite Element Analysis based on Voxel Images

Ivan Georgiev (RICAM, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Linz), Johannes Kraus and Svetozar Margenov
Multilevel Preconditioning of Crouzeix-Raviart 3D Pure Displacement Elasticity Problems

Erwin Karer (RICAM, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Linz) and Johannes Kraus
Algebraic Multigrid for Problems in Linear Elasticity discretized by DG methods

Johannes Kraus (RICAM, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Linz), Satyendra Tomar
Multilevel Preconditioning in H(div) and Applications

Maya Neytcheva (Uppsala University, Sweden)  and He Xin 
Challenging the Numerical Solution Methods When a Ball Falls in Water

Huidong Yang (Institute of Computational Mathematics, Linz, Austria) and Walter Zulehner
Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with Algebraic Multigrid Methods