Special Session
organized by
Ulrich Langer
Jirí Bouchala, Zdenek Dostal (VSB-TU, Ostrava, Czech Republic), Marie Sadowská
Scalable BETI for Variational Inequalities

Raytcho Lazarov (Texas A&M University, USA), B. Cockburn,  J. Gopalakrishnan
Hybridization of FE Approximations of Elliptic Problems with Application to Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

Milan Pultar (TU, Praha, Czech Republic)
Numerical Modeling of External Steelwork under Natural Fire

Pavel Burda, Marta Certikova (TU, Prague, Czech Republic), Jaroslav Novotny, Jakub Sistek
Parallel Implementation of BDDC Method for Some Linear Elasticity Problems

Ludmil Zikatanov (Penn State University, USA)
On the Analysis of Parallel and Successive Subspace Correction Methods