Special Session
organized by
Todor Gurov,  Aneta Karaivanova and Karolj Skala
P. Dóbé (BME, Budapest, Hungary), R. Kápolnai,  I. Szeberényi
Simple Grid Access for Parameter Study Applications

K.Ganeshamoorthy (University of Colombo, Sri Lanka), D. N. Ranasinghe
Performance of Shallow Water Equations Model on the Computational Grid with Overlay Memory Architectures

G. Kakasevski (European University, Skopje, R.Macedonia), A. Buckovska, S. Loskovska, I. Dimitrovski
Grid Enabled System for Mining, Gathering, Clustering and Retrieval Images from the Web

I. Kouvakis, (University of the Aegean, Athens, Greece)  F. Georgatos
A Report on the Effect of Heterogeneity of the Grid Environment on a Grid Job

E. Atanassov, T. Gurov, A. Karaivanova (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia)
Ultra-fast Semiconductor Carrier Transport Simulation on the Grid

D. Németh (BME, Budapest, Hungary)
Parallel Dictionary Compression and Matchmaking Using Grid Technologies

Tz. Ostromsky (IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia), Z. Zlatev
GRID and Parallel Computing in the Implementation of a Large-Scale Air Pollution Model

W. Kuranowski, M. Ganzha, M. Paprzycki (SWPS and IBS PAN, Warszawa, Poland), I. Lirkov, S. Margenov
Agents as Resource Managers in Grids Forming Agent Teams

D. Pasztuhov (University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary),  J. Török
A Gradient Hybrid Parallel Algorithm to One-Parameter Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems

Y. Kodaki, H. Tadano, T. Sakurai (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
A Parallel Method for Generalized Eigenvalue Problems Using Cascading GridRPC

A. A. Sapozhnikov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia), A. P. Sapozhnikov, T. Sapozhnikova
Reengineering Technology and Software Tools for Distributed Computation with Using Local Area Network

R. Stevanovic (Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia), G. Topic, K. Skala
Quantum Random Bit Generator on Grid for Monte Carlo Simulations

D. Zaharie (West University of Timisoara, Romania), D. Petcu, S. Panica
A Hierarchical Approach in Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms for Multiobjective Optimization